The Brazil Baseball Development Group (BBDG)

Simply Put: BBDG is dedicated to promoting the sport of baseball in Brazil. Unbeknownst to most of the world, baseball has a rich and long heritage in Brazil, where the sport has been played for over 100 years, primarily by the Japanese immigrant community in the southern part of the country. Recently, baseball has enjoyed a resurgence in interest and participation by a larger cross section of Brazilian society, and the sport has begun to spread all over the country, with a number of young Brazilian baseball players now going on to play both collegiately and professionally in the United States and Japan.

BBDG’s mission is to continue to promote, foster, and develop baseball in Brazil in a sustainable and responsible manner. BBDG offers services related to baseball player development, scouting, infrastructure and institutional development, equipment sourcing, and the most comprehensive Brazilian player database available today: BRBASEBALL

We welcome any and all inquiries related to supporting baseball in Brazil, truly the next frontier in this global sport.

Listen to Andy Loretta talk about BBDG on Buehlers Day Off with Julie Buehler on KXPS 1010 Sports Radio:

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